June 14, 2018
Lighthouse Sound (West Ocean City) 12723 St. Martin's Neck Road Bishopville, MD 21813
H. Vernon Eney Endowment Fund Award
NOMINATions closed
Presented to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in the law, bar leadership, community leadership, and enormous capacity for work.
  • Hon. Barbara K. Howe
  • Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia
  • Hon. Glenn T. Harrell
  • Hon. Ben C. Clyburn
  • Hon. Harry R. Hughes
  • Joseph F. Murphy Jr.
  • Hon. Alan M Wilner
  • K. King Burnett
  • Hon. Irma S. Raker
  • Stephen H. Sachs
  • Herbert J. Belgrad
  • Charles O. Fisher, Sr.
  • Hon. Robert M. Bell
  • Wilbur D. Preston, Jr.
  • Herbert S. Garten
  • Albert D. Brault
  • Hon. Peter J. Messitte
  • Hon. Louis L. Goldstein
  • Hon. John F. McAuliffe
  • Hon. Ernest A. Loveless, Jr.
  • James J. Cromwell
  • Benjamin L. Cardin
  • Benjamin R. Civiletti
  • Hon. William Donald Schaefer
  • Charles H. Dorsey, Jr.
  • Hon. Robert C. Murphy
  • Hon. Harry A. Cole
  • Alan H. Murrell
  • Hon. Robert B. Watts
  • William S. James
  • Gloria G. Cole
  • Hon. Marvin H. Smith
  • Michael Millemann
Edward F. Shea, Jr. Professionalism Award
Recognizes an MSBA young lawyer who exemplifies the professionalism, civility, integrity, compassion, and commitment to public service.
  • Magistrate Monise A. Brown
  • Thomas M. Weschler
  • E. Regine Francois
  • Elizabeth Morris
  • William C. Isler II
  • Dolores Dorsainvil
  • Mark J. Muffoletto
  • Gwendolyn S. Tate
  • Michael W. Siri
  • Gary C. Norman
  • William M. Dunn
  • Lade R. Akinbolaji
  • Eric E. McLauchlin
  • J. Scott Robertson
  • Brian A. Zemil
  • Deborah L. Potter
  • Edwin G. Fee, Jr.
  • Mark F. Scurti
  • Emily J. Vaias
  • Marc Kopec
  • Richard Sandy
About the Maryland Bar Foundation
The Maryland Bar Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation organized in 1965, with the objective of obtaining gifts and contributions to be used for the following purposes:
The Foundation has carried out these purposes by making grants to organizations that work within Maryland to accomplish the goals of the Foundation.